Welcome to the Bios Christian Academy website. Its purpose is to inform you about our distinctively Christian educational community supported in a mostly lecture free environment. The best way to describe the education and the Bios community is to compare it to a very organized homeschool with years of planning and experience, with much prayer supporting it.

Individualized daily educational goals, small class sizes, and continuously trained teachers provide a positive education where learning occurs in every subject and everyday. All of our teachers know how well all of their students are performing daily and are given the tools to make changes as needed in a student's daily learning goals.

The Bios community is built on developing relationships with our families. These relationships are encouraged in the structure of the school. Beginning in the Primary grades, the first, second, and third grades are taught in the same class. Teachers, parents, and students have the opportunity of knowing and supporting each other for three years. Elementary (4,5,6), Middle Academy (7,8,9), Senior Academy (10,11,12) provide similar three year relationships.

Whether it's composition, mathematics, or Bible, the instructional method practiced at Bios is similar. Students in classes of twelve to sixteen students daily progress through their own individual goals set by the school and the teachers. Throughout the thirty to ninety minute periods, each student meets individually with their teacher up to seven times. The teachers encourage, instruct, correct, and direct during these individual meetings. Students learn by actively working and discussing their work with their teachers.

You are invited to explore Bios through this website. Peruse my blog, "The Blue/Orange Report" to read in more detail the purposes and workings of the Bios educational model. Any questions, please contact me through email or phone:
(480) 440-9203.

Tim Ihms


11/12 ARM Overnight
14 7pm Bios Family
Meeting/Open Board Meeting
18 Good Friday
23-25 Marine Biology
FT 9th graders


1 9th-11th Volunteer Service Hours Due
1 Modern Woodman Speech Competition
3 Senior Academy Spring Formal
6 Spring Concert &
Art Exhibit 7pm @ HPAC
7 Sunrise
9 Spring Sports Banquet
13 Dinner Theater with the Bios Drama Class
15-17 Senior Trip to


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